My name is Stephen Bathurst


    I tell stories…


  • ​A series of poems that explore the great mystery of life; the words and wanderings of travellers who have gone before, asking the same questions, our companions in the great journey.

    I have had a long and varied career on the British and international stage.


    Working principally in classic theatre, physical comedy and pantomime, I’ve played a plethora of upper class twits, crusty dukes and lovesick lotharios, alongside a villainous assortment of freaks, psychos and monsters.


    My own work has seen performances in theatres and festivals around the U.K. and in countries as varied as Canada, Germany, Hawaii and Kyrgyzstan.


    I’m a veteran acting tutor and workshop leader, well acquainted with sustainably producing and financing a performance, and familiar with performer mentoring and pastoral care.


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