“...for having acknowledged that they are Strangers & Exiles on this earth…


    …people who speak like this make it clear that they are seeking a homeland…”


  • Photograph by Wolf Marloh / @wolfmarlohphoto

    My name is Stephen Bathurst


    I tell stories


    I do this as an actor and a missionary



    Strangers & Exiles

    is a Christian performance ministry


    International in focus, with performances in places as diverse as Kyrgyzstan, Hawaii, Norway and Canada


    Featuring theatre shows and a YouTube channel


    The stories get people thinking, debating and asking the big questions



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    Current Projects


  • To Sing A Song That Old Was Sung

    The Bible story as you’ve never heard it before! One man, telling the story, becoming the set and playing all the characters. Told in ridiculous rhyme and rhythm and with rollicking laughter…

    Songs for the Journey

    A series of poems that explore the great mystery of life; the words and wanderings of travellers who have gone before, asking the same questions, our companions in the great journey.

    Tales from the Road 

    A series of interviews with Christian actors and creatives, showcasing what they do and how they do it. 


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