“...for having acknowledged that they are Strangers & Exiles on this earth…


    …people who speak like this make it clear that they are seeking a homeland…”


  • Stephen Bathurst, theatre with Strangers & Exiles

    A Christian performance project, featuring original theatre shows and a YouTube channel.


    The stories get people thinking, debating and asking the big questions.



    Strangers & Exiles has been winning rave reviews and selling out shows since 2016.


    Based in Finland and England, designed to travel and move, performances have taken place in theatres, churches, basements and festivals around the world.


    Written and performed by Stephen Bathurst.





    While Mortals Sleep -

    Britain - Bedford Fringe, Shaftesbury Fringe, 2016


    That Old Was Sung -

    Finland - OFF Tampere, 2018


    Life Under The Sun -

    Britain - Bedford Fringe, Guildford Fringe, 2022

    Sweden - Gothenburg Fringe, 2022

    Finland - Tapahtumien Yö, 2022

    Various performances in Canada, Australia, Norway and Germany, 2014-2018





    "Few works of visual arts down the centuries can boast of matching Scripture's vision of Solomon's magnificent desolation as it is rendered in Holy prose. Bathurst's startling and ambitious 'Life Under The Sun is one of them."

    - Dan Lentell, Get Your Coats On